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Black Shirt T-Shirt

Black shirt with an RPG theme to complete your basic equipment.

Black Shirt T-Shirt

Black shirt with an RPG theme to complete your basic equipment.

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Descripción: Black Shirt T-Shirt

La descripción de este producto solo está disponible en inglés. En estos momentos estamos trabajando en su traducción al español. Perdón por las molestias.
Roleplaying Games, RPGs for short, can take many shapes or forms, from computer or console games to Pen & Paper games. The most important thing for you as a player is your ability to occupy a role and to let your imagination run wild at times.
Which doesn't necessarily mean that everything about RPGs is out of touch with reality: In fact, structures such as the stats of characters and equipment could be of help in real life as well!

A good example is the Black Shirt, which lays open its properties to the wearer at once: +1 Armor, +15 Stealth (at night), and a Value of 20. If only everything could be this easy! No more decision fatigue and contemplating what to wear, what to eat, or which items to take with you when you leave the house – one look at the stats tells you everything you need to know. Until then, the Black Shirt is a good start.

Nice side effect: The shirt identifies you as an RPG player, which brings you an additional +10 Charisma with your fellow nerds. ;)

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