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Freud's Your Mom T-Shirt

Did somebody say Oedipus?

Freud's Your Mom T-Shirt

Did somebody say Oedipus?

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Descripción: Freud's Your Mom T-Shirt

La descripción de este producto solo está disponible en inglés. En estos momentos estamos trabajando en su traducción al español. Perdón por las molestias.
If you delve deeper into the works of the infamous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, you'll start to descend into slightly smutty realms. Suddenly, cigars are not cigars anymore, but rather something... different (and as Bill Clinton showed). Freud also liked to draw on the ancient story of Oedipus, a king who killed his own father and married his mother – not knowing who the two of them were.

While most nerds usually have little to do with psychoanalysis, we should still be grateful to Freud. Why? Take a good hard look at the "Your Mom" Shirt: He unknowingly invented the "Your mom" joke! Without Freud, nobody would know that your mom is as [insert expletive here] as [insert point of comparison here]! Burns, doesn't it? And if you don't feel creative today, you can just replay with "Your mom!"

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