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I'm with stupid T-Shirt

Hey, you! I'm talking to you! Go ahead and buy me!

I'm with stupid T-Shirt

Hey, you! I'm talking to you! Go ahead and buy me!

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Descripción: I'm with stupid T-Shirt

La descripción de este producto solo está disponible en inglés. En estos momentos estamos trabajando en su traducción al español. Perdón por las molestias.
Quite possibly the last thing you'd expect of your t-shirt is it coming to life and starting to talk. And insulting you. All day long. Well, looks like you didn't expect the foul-mouthed mercenary on the "I'm with stupid"-T-Shirt. Let's just say he’s not... especially fond of you at the moment.

But to be honest, you should've expected something like this. After all, the merc with a mouth is famous for breaking the fourth wall in comics and movies and talking to the audience directly. Oh, and he's also famous for being absolutely crazy. So you better watch out!

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