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Useless T-Shirt

If you ever feel useless, this t-shirt will lighten your mood!

Useless T-Shirt

If you ever feel useless, this t-shirt will lighten your mood!

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Descripción: Useless T-Shirt

La descripción de este producto solo está disponible en inglés. En estos momentos estamos trabajando en su traducción al español. Perdón por las molestias.
Whenever a fight in the schoolyard or the office escalates, people are quick to insult each other and their respective mothers. But above all, they like to question each other's usefulness. In fact, even the smallest faux-pas can lead to you being ridiculed and marked as utterly useless.

Come to think of it, though, nobody can be completely useless.

As the Useless-T-Shirt states, every single human breathes out carbon dioxide - a substance plants need to survive. And in return, the plants convert CO2 into oxygen, a substance we need to survive. So every last one of us is doing his/her part in fighting climate change, one could argue. The perfect win-win situation! And definitely not useless ...

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