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What would GLaDOS do T-Shirt

Whatever GLaDOS does, she won't give you a cake.

What would GLaDOS do T-Shirt

Whatever GLaDOS does, she won't give you a cake.

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Descripción: What would GLaDOS do T-Shirt

La descripción de este producto solo está disponible en inglés. En estos momentos estamos trabajando en su traducción al español. Perdón por las molestias.
There're those tricky situations when you have to ask yourself what would one of your heroes do? Only, heroes can be a bit boring and predictable. Not the niggling villain GLaDOS though! She really is absolutely unpredictable ;)... which makes it even more thrilling to wonder what she'll do next...

Whatever happens, never believe her promises, a picture of a cake just isn't a real cake!

When playing Portal, you frequently ask yourself what GLaDOS might be plotting next. Some demoralizing possibilities can be found on the back print of this shirt. The front shows a Portal symbol, the well-known cake and cherry, and the question What would GLaDOS do?. Always expect something like promising cake (it's a lie!), getting heavily offended or, er 'enhancing' the truth.

GLaDOS might be not very trustworthy, but she's always interesting!

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